Growing satisfying jobs into fulfilling careers

Becoming Australia’s leading hearing service provider took hard work, dedication, careful planning and a lot of patience. But more importantly, it took a whole lot of talented team members with a common passion.

Our Mission is to improve the hearing of people through personalised solutions and exceptional client care. We achieve this by focusing on our values both as a company and as individuals: we are client driven and act with integrity, excellence, respect, positivity, and passion. We know that sounds like a quite a task, but we know that with the right team, everything’s possible.

Our ongoing development programs are tailored to your particular role and the path you wish to take, these may include comprehensive induction programs, systems training, client care training, leadership development and global leadership development programs. As part of the Amplifon Group, you can pursue career opportunities all over the world, giving you the chance to learn, grow and expand your horizons.

Finding the path that’s right for you

When you only employ the most talented and passionate individuals, it’s easy to see how you can accomplish truly amazing things. We’re proud to say that our team is made up of an incredibly diverse range of people. Each has their own skills, their own strengths and their own distinct personalities – and every single one of them contributes to the day to day success of National Hearing Care in their own important way.
Working in Audiology
Clinical excellence is more than just doing the right tests or fitting the right hearing aid – it’s a detailed process. It ensures we’re always at the forefront of clinical best practice and base what we do on the latest scientific evidence. Our Audiologists and clinical staff are highly trained and have a genuine passion for providing clients with the best quality service and care. They have access to ongoing support, training and the continuing education they need to succeed and to open up opportunities for project work, training roles and leadership positions. Our Audiologists also work with the world’s leading brands in hearing devices and products to enable them to offer a broad range of solutions to best meet our clients’ needs.
Other roles
Of course, there are also a wide range of other jobs that are vital to the day to day success of National Hearing Care. These roles can include customer service, contact centre, finance, training, information technology and plenty more.

As long as you have the right skills and the right attitude, we’ll find a place for you!

Discover the perfect work-life balance

Australia is a wonderful place to live and to work. It’s consistently ranked high on quality of life surveys and its work-life balance is envied all over the world. Whether you’re after a new adventure or looking for a place to call home, National Hearing Care and Australia are the perfect place to do it.

World-class benefits for world-class talent

The support you need, whenever you need it
We’re here to help you put your best foot forward each day. So whatever you feel is getting in the way of your success, our goal is to sort it out straight away and make sure you can focus on the right priorities – delivering high levels of performance while growing and developing in your role. We invest in our team for the long-term and want them to grow with us by offering the below

  • Ongoing training and development through our Academy programs
  • Leadership development programs
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring
A rewarding workplace in every way
It’s important to make sure you’re properly rewarded for the work you do. At National Hearing Care we offer competitive base salaries and variable remuneration for clinic roles. Our goal is to always go above and beyond for our team who do the same for us every day!

  • Annual awards: For our team members who have gone above and beyond in their roles
  • Service awards: Once you reach 5, 10 or 15 years with us you will receive an award and a Red Balloon voucher to use on something special to say thanks
  • Amplifon Performance Stock Grant Plan: Our very highest achievers may be invited to share the rights
  • High Achievers Club: For our outstanding Audiologists
  • Keeping the lines of communication clear
    The best way to make sure we’re all working together as a team is to make sure we’re always communicating openly and honestly with each other. We hold regular business communication events where we share what’s happening across the business and to ensure we’re always operating with transparency, contributing positively to company culture and of course, making time for some group celebration.

    • Annual conferences
    • Regular business updates
    • Monthly clinic team meetings